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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Where have I been?

I have been slaving over getting down some final bits of line-work, and now I've almost done a whole chapter full of line-work, I thought I would do a quick mock-up to show the full story (well Part One...Part Two is coming soon) and layout! Please bear in mind that this is just a rough, and no colours/shading or effort has really been added, and its chocked full of spelling mistakes. But its okay, because its nice to see it at least coming together!
The first image has no pic as it will be a more detailed splash page, and I also left the red and yellow borders in so you can see how I avoid going into the border area or bleed space.
 Also there are maybe three images missing which just need a bit more thinking about. Anyway... I'm quite pleased with myself :)

(click to read)

P.S Its been a while so I thought I'd say again this is not my own story but the story of a great Author called Mark Powell. The book is called 'Snap'. Please read it :)

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