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Tuesday, 17 August 2010


I have realised I'm still in the habit of only posting my own work which is very self indulgent! I did this mainly for the tutors at uni to see my work progress. As its the holidays I no longer need to do this, and as I spend 90% of my time trawling through some lovely blogs I thought it was about time I start posting the things that inspire me in the hope of inspiring others! Hopefully I'll make this INSPIRE section a weekly part of my posts.

This weekend I went to a party on a boat in our town, that usually does day trips to a little Island a few miles away. It was pirate themed and it was brilliant. It seems to be about the only time our fighting, rumour hungry townspeople get along. I'm quite relieved really, I didn't want to be stuck miles out to sea on a tiny boat with an actual bunch of murderous pirates!

All that sea-air in mind, the theme for this post is Boats. Check out the talent.

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