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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Another fail

Havn't got a working scanner so I can only add pics of my work from the computer at the moment. I am still illustrating Edgar Allan Poes 'The black cat'. These images are just roughs, mainly for layout experiment purposes, like positions of the character and perspectives, but I have also toyed with a few colours, textures and techniques. I am planning to use more handrawn and painted stuff mixed with computer and photography for my final images, once I sort the scanner I can add the handrawn work I have done so far.
I am not narrating the actual story in detail, but instead I am trying to illustrate the main characters descent into madness and alcoholism, by illustrating particular scenes which empahsise the symptoms of his madness, such as violence, paranoid thoughts, delusions, and fear, which all eventually lead to a bloody murder.

(Pictures go in order upwards)

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