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Friday, 5 March 2010


Lack of scanner means I have quite a few bits to dump here at once. From my last post it became apparent to me that I really needed to learn how to draw pigs that don't resemble barking German Sheppard so much. Mainly these posts are just practicing drawing pigs, because my project seems to be going in the direction of using these lovely creatures symbolically, as they can been seen as gluttonous, greedy, lazy and stubborn, many of the traits that seem to plague our ever more materialistic world.
I'm thinking of taking it further and drawing some kind of messed up version of the story 'The Three little Pigs' this could work with the wolf being symbolic of a powerful person/organization, responsible for tempting the lazy little piggies into further gluttonous acts and leading them to certain doom! I've also realised this idea runs parallel to the story of Adam and Eve which i have also been looking at...... so I think it works.

Lovely pig picture above used for reference for my drawings below. Originally I drew it in Biro, but with re-scanning it has lost a lot of the original detail. I will have to try scanning in a higher resolution I think?

Also I'm still going to try and develop drawing them in different and more animated posistions, the pig above should definatly be struggling uncomfortably.

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