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Monday, 1 November 2010

Monster Mash

Sorry for lack of blog posts. Having a moment of crisis, not liking anything I do when I put pen to paper lately. I have been doing something I'm much better at; watching movies.
You may, or probably don't know, that I love movies. LOVE. More specifically, I love horror films.

This love hopefully stemming more from the fact my Nan and Mum were both massive horror fans and therefore passed this love onto me, rather than the fact I could possibly be a budding psychopath.

I'm serious, the more sickening, bloodier, bed wetting the film is, the better. Of late I have probably been fitting in about 3 films a day (how??!! and why didn't I do film studies!?) and these have mainly consisted of horrors from one genre or another. Anyway the point to all this is, I'd say horror films inspire me in about 90% of the work I do lately, and, since its Halloween I thought I would share with you some of my favourite classic horror posters, instead of posting the crap I've been drawing! Enjoy :)

Classic horror movie moment in Psycho- the shower scene..... I'll never wash again!

I really love the overlapping blue shades in this poster, and the tagline!

My all time spookiest film, not that much blood or jumpy bits but I can never look at Jack Nicholson again without wanting to cry!

Just a great poster, less is more. And another brilliant and classic tagline.

Need to do more research on this poster, love it because it looks like Frank Millers work?

I like the cut-out style here, and again less is more..plus her face is just haunting!

Good film if you can get over the pretty brutal rape scene. The film is folk-horror, like the Wicker man...so I'm not sure this comic style movie poster matches the film, but again I love it because it looks like it had been heavily influenced by Comic Book artist Frank Miller. One of may favourites!

Good ol' Jaws. Arguable to say this is a Horror film, but this poster is iconic and truly horrific. I imagine this scene every time I swim in the sea.

Sorry I can't credit these images to anywhere really...they have been collecting in my picture folders on the comp for a long time.

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