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Monday, 27 September 2010

Its getting dark

'Violent Cases' Neil Gaimen and Dave Mckean

'The Light' Nathan Edmondson and Brett Wedele

'Elektra Assasin and Daredevil: Love and War' Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz

'X-Force Sex and Violence' Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost and Gabriele Dellotto

So I've changed my mind about my latest project. Im going to do something I really like...and its going to be dark. So much for me trying out something soppy/happy, like the subject of love and relationships eh.
Thought I'd do something useful with my student loan, so I have ordered the four graphic novels/comics shown above. I havn't bought a new comic in a while so I'm really excited to get my paws on these ones. Also, they will be very helpful resources for my new project! More information about that soon.....

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