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Sunday, 19 September 2010


After four days and what feels like a permanent wrist injury, here is my final image. It looks completely shit on here, its A1 size so I could only take a photo which means its all low res and rubbish. I promise it looks much better in real life, even though I still dont actually like the final outcome. I dont think I ever actually like my work once its done!
Its supposed to be a look at the battle between believers in science and believers in religion. A Religion vs. Science Ultimate Smackdown. I'm hoping the picture pretty much explains itself? On the side of Science we have Darwin and his Ape skeleton sidekick, and on the side of Religion we have God and his Pope Benedict-Rottweiler cross.
Its supposed have a humorous yet still slightly sinister feel to it ( just like my opinion of Religion-funny but also slightly worrying!) I tried to achieve this with the use of blue and red to create dramatic shadows...or this is what i was trying to do anyway! And the posters in the background are opinions and ideas, some crazy, some not so crazy, that I have come across during this project.

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