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Thursday, 22 July 2010

scientology rulez o.k?

uhm, yeah, maybe not.

So I'm reading an article today about a Councillor called John Dixon who is facing disciplinary action after complaints about a post he wrote on his PERSONAL twitter account about scientology. This is what he wrote :

Funny right?
Apparently not. Followers of Scientology have been making complaints that they found this statement very offensive and the councillor is now facing an investigation.
Can somebody please explain to me why a public figure can have an open opinion about every subject apart from religion? What right have they earnt to be exempt from jokes and criticism? Seriously, whatever happend to freedom of speech?! Argh! Well I'll tell you what, they may believe in the reincarnation of alien beings, but they certainly dont have sense of humour.

So heres a little reaction to the story featuring some badly drawn but famous faces of Scientology once again boo-hooing from the taunts so hard that they caused a flood and all the christians had to get their ark out.

(They are really badly drawn...its Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley and John Travolta by the way)


  1. didnt those guys come from a space ship ? they seem pretty offended by a twitter message.... scientiology is mental.

  2. You would be surprised how much power the church of Scientology has. Seriously, they have been infiltrating governments of various cultures and nations since the 70's. Thats why people dont get away with sceptisism of their ridiculous religion.

    John Travolta looks amazing.

  3. Thanks. yeah, did you watch that bbc panorama about scientology? jeez, if you didnt i have to find it for you, it was all sorts of wrong. x

  4. You're right, people can say anything about anyone... unless it's directed at their religion. Which, since it's a choice, should be up for criticism like anything else.