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Monday, 30 November 2009


I have decided to restart my blog, now that I'm back at uni I am being FORCED to produce more work, so I have plenty to post and moan about.

The images above are my finals for a project called 'The Perfect Ten'. Here I have tried to tell a short story about a man who has been conditioned, through magazines and movie 'airbrushing' to expect not just perfection in himself, but in his partner too. When he cant find his perfect woman, he decides to buy a 'real doll' and at first it is everything he wishes for, as she is aesthetically, perfect. Eventually however, he grows to hate her, as she cannot reciprocate his love. In the end he becomes old and lonely, as he has spent his life with a woman who never eats, talks, socialises,reproduces or grows old with him. Because of this he hasn't any friends or family. Phew, depressing. But hopefully these images make my point :)

More stuff soon.

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